Nuclear Moisture Detection

A Nuclear Engineered Energy Management System (NEEMS) gives you the ability to extend the useful service life of your existing building infrastructure, from roof to foundation. 

The NEEMS Warranty Programs are a structured, comprehensive approach to detecting problems, and providing viable cost-effective solutions. In addition to extending the useful service life of your existing infrastructure, NEEMS Warranty Programs also allows our customers to incorporate energy saving innovations for long term sustainability. B-E Controls believes that energy efficiency and structural improvements overlap and should be considered and evaluated together.

What you can expect out of the NEEMS Warranty Programs

  • Complete nuclear scan to detect problems
  • Analysis of scan results and visual inspection data
  • Reduce energy costs 
  • Positive ROI


The B-E Controls NEEMS Warranty Programs will not only prevent the wasting of valuable materials and overspending, it is designed to help you plan for the future of your operation. By also providing you greener, less costly options for keeping the power running at your facility, we combine existing services with cutting-edge energy saving additions for a custom fit solution.

Our Promise

We are committed to using the best of our resources and expertise to match your application with the perfect solution. Along with our own team of engineers, we utilize a network of Certified Partners who understand this program and offer the best solutions in collaboration, which results in appropriate products for your facility along with significant cost savings. For more information on how NEEMS can tailor to you and your budget, visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our staff members.

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